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    Art Nouveau

    Beautiful artistic designs emerged during this period, which is better known as the New Art era (1890-1910). Although it crosses over with the Edwardian and Victorian eras, its unique designs can be well distinguished because of their magnificence. The jewelers of this period thought of themselves as a group of artists with the sole aim to incorporate art into the daily lives of people through their impeccable, exquisite designs. The Art Nouveau jewelry designs are classic, elegant but mystical and romantic at the same time. They exude a soothing sense of beauty through their nature depictions of orchids, ferns, dragonflies, snakes, and butterflies in a somewhat Japanese style. The popularity of gemstones in this era saw the emergence of rare diamonds, moonstone, amber, peridot, opal, and pearl among others. You can take a look at our carefully crafted engagement rings and wedding bands that reflect the characteristics of the glorious Art Nouveau period.