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    The two decades (1901-1920) of the Edwardian era are characterized by their light-weight jewelry designs that were crafted using the filigree technique. This period was famous for lacy designs created by applying gold, silver or platinum threads on the surface of the jewelry items. With the women of this period adorning their beauty in lacy hats and silk dresses, these pieces of jewelry perfectly complemented and even enhanced their overall appearance. With the Victorian era not completely receded, the Edwardian pieces of jewelry maintain a tinge of feminine beauty in their stunning motifs. This era also witnessed a healthy friendship between pearls, diamonds, and platinum. They were frequently interchanged, as well as combined in jewelry items to create classic masterpieces. It won’t be wrong to say that the unique designs of this period were a result of the powerful combination that they created. We, at North Coast Jewelry, proudly state our efficiency in these styles to make your wedding band or engagement ring a wonderful example of Edwardian jewelry.