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    When we come to the Retro period, which lasted from 1935-1950, the jewelry designs have evolved considerably from their predecessors. They reflected the bold and dynamic outlook of women, who were mostly trying to recreate the styles of Hollywood glamour and fashion. Minimalist and sophisticated designs got outdated and large, colorful stones and heavy jewelry took their place. Gold rose gold and silver were mainly used as base metals during this period, and diamond lost its significance for a while, occasionally appearing in the wedding bands and as engagement rocks. Due to wartime losses, the retro jewelry pieces were not adorned with precious stones but were not even flat. The illusion effect was quite popular in engagement rings, and the rocks were made to appear larger. This period also saw a huge supply of rare gemstones from the Asian colonies. With years of experience in handling antique gemstones and jewelry pieces, we are quite qualified to recreate the retro design in your rings to make them stand out from the crowd.