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    Victorian jewelry is named after Queen Victoria, who reigned from 1837 to 1901. It’s again divided into Early Victorian or the Romantic Period, Middle Victorian and Late Victorian, which is also known as the Aesthetic Period. The distinct characteristics of these periods can be reflected in their jewelry. The Romantic period jewelry mainly showcases exclusive diamond-style designs, as diamonds were discovered and increasingly mined during this period. Rose cuts and the famous round-cut diamond rings became a staple in this period, so much so that they’re still classified as classic designs. The Victorian jewelry also saw a surge in the use of yellow-gold and rose-gold, as the base metal. Natural designs were also cultured during the latter half of this period. With years of experience dealing in antique jewelry, North Coast Jewelry provides such unique jewels with characteristics from the Victorian style designs in our wedding bands and engagement rings to celebrate and uphold their value.