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    5 Reasons Why Upgrading Your Engagement Ring Is Such a Great Idea!

    5 Reasons Why Upgrading Your Engagement Ring Is Such a Great Idea!

    Couples may decide to upgrade their engagement rings for so many reasons. First of all, why not? Second of all, why not??? While some might want to make it look trendier, some others may do it to increase its value. Let’s dive in a little deeper to see the benefits in case you are hesitant about upgrading. 

    The ring is out of style

    Jewelry trends are ever changing, much like fashion. When you got married, you may have bought the trendiest ring in the market at that time, but fashion trends keep on changing. Since your engagement ring is a forever piece of jewelry, you may consider tweaking the style i.e. the mounting to make it more to-date. Many clients that shop with Northcoast Jewelry are really enjoying the vintage and antique rings. We can upgrade to a ring from the art deco or Victorian era as well. Lots of rings to choose from in our collection. Shop here! 

    You have the budget

    3 months salary for an engagement ring, am I right? You may have saved money on your engagement ring when you bought it, but your budget since then may have increased, and now, you can invest in a bigger diamond, a brand new mounting or upgrade the entire ring for a completely different one. There is no right or wrong, it’s personal preference. North Coast Jewelers will walk you through the entire process seamlessly! After all, you want to love looking down at your ring as you wear it daily, right?  

    You don’t like the style

    Not only do the market trends change with time, but also your sense of fashion and personal style. If you no longer like the style of your engagement ring, you can always upgrade it. Trust us, it doesn’t hamper the emotions attached to it but enhances them more. 

    An anniversary surprise

    Your loved one can’t get enough of you. For your first anniversary (or 5 year or 10 year and the time frames go on), you can surprise your significant other with a brand new ring (or an upgrade version). It is a great way to remember and commemorate a special date or occasion I your life. After all, no one can turn down a diamond gift! 



    You can have a plethora of other reasons to consider upgrading your engagement ring. We just want to assure you that it’s a pretty good decision to maintain an impression in the fashionable society.  

    Top 5 Non-Diamond Engagement Ring Ideas

    Top 5 Non-Diamond Engagement Ring Ideas

    You hear engagement rings and immediately think “a big rock!” Well, that doesn’t have to be the case always. An engagement ring can be anything that you can relate your emotions with, and truly whatever your heart desires. There is absolutely no right or wrong! Although the ‘rocks’ have been a staple for engagement rings since time immemorial, let’s present you a few good alternatives:

    • Pearl on gold setting – A pristine white pearl on a yellow or rose-gold setting can serve as an elegant and beautiful alternative to your diamond ring. Coming to the emotional connection, pearls depict purity, generosity, and loyalty, which are the most perfect elements for your relationship. Northcoast Jewelry carries a wide variety of Pearl jewelry that you can explore here. 
    • Moissanite – It’s becoming quite the trend for many millennials and gen Z to opt out of the classic rock diamond and swap it out with a Moissanite. It’s a gemstone that’s similar to diamond in appearance. However, it can get a less than desirable rep being referred to as ‘fake diamond’ as some may say. Interestingly enough, it has the same crystal features of a diamond. It looks beautiful in a gold setting and has a refractive light index of more than diamond. 
    • Sapphire rings – Absolutely dreamy! Everyone is aware of how classic and beautiful they are. But what many people may not know is, the Duchess of Cambridge proudly flaunts Princess Diana’s sapphire ring. The hues, the shades, the cuts, the facets – so much to love about a sapphire! Plus, it kind of makes you royalty almost instantly! We have a great selection of antique and vintage sapphire rings, you can shop for them here.
    • Morganite rings – Its peach-pink hue is breathtaking, especially in a gold setting. You can also wear it every day with very little maintenance, of course. 
    • Quartz rings – One of the most unconventional yet trendy engagement rings is the quartz ring. It’s smoky, mysterious appeal is quite amazing indeed. They are equally unique and stunning when worn. 

    So have you decided which ring to choose for your engagement? You can get in touch with the experts for suggestions. 

    How To Propose To Your Beloved During Quarantine

    How To Propose To Your Beloved During Quarantine

    Are you currently frustrated and disappointed over the fact that you were going to propose to your beloved this year but the COVID-19 pandemic ruined your plan? We feel you!

    Guess what? There is no time like present, and you can absolutely propose even now! If you are wondering, keep scrolling and see what great ideas Northcoast Jewelry has in store for you!  

    A picnic full of surprises

    Call your beloved and ask her to meet you at the nearby park for a small picnic. You can also arrange for it on the patio or backyard / rooftop of either of your homes if that’s more convenient. Hide the engagement ring inside creatively somewhere in the picnic basket or do it conventionally – by keeping it at the bottom of the wine glass. And when she drinks from the glass, well, Surprise! May we suggest planning a small social distance style surprise from your fiancé’s friends and family! 

    Set up a canopy in the backyard

    Invite your beloved to your home for dinner and set up a canopy in your backyard with flowers, curtains, and of course, a well-decorated dinner table. She may guess from the decorations that it’s something special, but you can still see the awe on her face when you take out that ring! 

    Zoom your surprise

    Where there is a will, there is a way! If you can’t meet at all, perhaps due to a long distance relationship, you can always propose to her on Zoom through a video call. Gather your family members and propose to her in front of them. Let them cheer and burst balloons and throw sparkles while she says ‘yes’, blushing. 

    Do you have any other ideas for a memorable proposal during the quarantine? Feel free to share! 

    A Few Most-Popular Destinations To Propose

    A Few Most-Popular Destinations To Propose

    The pandemic has confined us to the four walls of our homes, but it can’t stop us from dreaming, right? When this is all over, we can always go back to plan our perfect proposal to our beloved in distant lands. So, why not start planning now? The brighter days are near, and we shouldn’t waste any time as they arrive. 

    Here are four breathtaking destinations that can help make your proposal quite memorable. 

    Central Park, New York City 

    Take her to the Bow Bridge, overlooking the lake, and surprise her by proposing to her. She will be awed for sure!

    On the top of the Shard, London

    It’s a beautiful place to propose! As it’s the tallest building in the UK, you can bring the sky down at her feet by proposing her there! 

    The Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

    It’s popular and breathtakingly beautiful! If your beloved loves the ocean, outdoors, nature… you can propose to her, while she’s staring at the mass stretches of waves to the horizon. She will love it!

    Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

    A city love can bloom from one of the popular architectural wonders in the USA. The vibrancy of the surroundings will give you the much-needed boost to let your heart out. 

    If you can’t wait for things to be restored to normal and we get it, life must go on! This means your proposal plans must continue (with or without COVID)… set up a romantical dinner for your special love. Indoors at your home, or outdoors in a secluded setting (remember, social distancing!)… decorate your space beautifully and set up a romantic atmosphere to propose in.  Your honest love will be enough to get a reassuring 'Yes' from her. Don’t forget to let her know that Northcoast Jewelry created her stunning engagement ring!

    How Lab-Created Diamonds Affect The Market Of Real Diamonds

    How Lab-Created Diamonds Affect The Market Of Real Diamonds

    Just as synthetic rubies and sapphires, the synthetic diamond market has been growing rapidly since the technology to create new, colorless varieties were introduced. As the lab-created diamonds cost about 35% less than the real diamonds, many experts fear a major decrease in demand for the real diamonds, and that’s why advanced screening devices are being used to separate the real ones from the synthetic varieties. 

    What is the impact of synthetic rocks on the real diamond market? 

    Although it’s unlikely that the synthetic diamonds will replace the real rocks any time soon, if the consumers are aware of what they are buying, the risks are greater due to the lower price expectations. The real diamonds may lose their luxury because of their cheaper peers. This apart, the real diamonds are also being increasingly associated with the harsh practices and inhuman measures of mining, which gives them the nickname ‘blood diamonds’. As the synthetic ones are created in the labs, they are considered more sustainable and eco-friendly among the environmentally-conscious population. The market for vintage and antique diamonds actually has not been affected since the true old cuts cannot be remade and collectors always find them valuable and desirable.

    So, are natural diamonds no longer valuable?

    Of course, no! The natural diamonds still are quite able to connect with the customers on an emotional level, which is lacking in the case of synthetic rocks. If a clear distinction is observed between the real diamonds and the synthetic ones, the people, who value quality above everything else, will go for the former undoubtedly. For jewelers, who deal both in natural diamonds and lab-created ones will, however, be at the most advantageous position, as they will have it all to meet specific customer needs.