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    French Cut

    French Cut

    Being wildly popular in France, the French cut can be traced back to the 1400’s but became more common in the 1700’s and making a third debut in the Art Deco era (1920’s). Evolving through time, with a wide variety of faceting combinations. This hand cut shape is most used for smaller accent gems. Making the French cut shape used on a variety of gems, like sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and semi-precious gemstones. The simplistic design of the French cut produces a spectacular light display lighting up the facets with ease. With a livelier appearance this cut was perfect in accenting the geometric designs of the Art Deco era, used in bracelets, accenting diamonds in engagement rings, and placed in eternity bands. The facets in this cut give the piece they are in a beautiful vibrance other accents are unable to achieve.

    The crisscross pattern of the triangular facets of the square or rectangle French Cut gems encourages their brilliance. While giving gems an exquisite shape perfectly versatile, focal point or accent piece, the French cut was a steppingstone in creating today’s modern step and brilliant cuts.



    Bring Back Brooches (#bringbackbrooches):

    A brooch is an ornament fastened to clothing with a hinged pin and catch. These beautiful statement pieces became fashion forward in the Georgian era and tapered out of style through the decades, with no definite ending point.  These works of art come in many shapes and sizes. Details and extravagance can very, from something dainty to something ornate and eye catching. Brooches were originally worn, over the heart, on the opposing side or in the center of the chest, on things like blazers, coats, gowns or blouses. Approximately five years ago, the hashtag #bringbackbrooches began to appear. Since this trend, influencers have encouraged endless options. Dressed up, or down, if you can pin it, you can wear it. From fashion magazines to shown off on the red carpet we have seen it all. Gem encrusted, nature themed, or glitzed to the extreme.

    The perfect way to show off your personality. These treasures were originally use to secure clothing, slowly making the rise. The boundless imagination of the jeweler encourages endless opportunities. In today’s world brooches are worn more as a statement piece rather than for functionality.  Still timeless, these treasures are making a comeback stronger than ever. Don’t miss out.

    A Few Most-Popular Destinations To Propose

    A Few Most-Popular Destinations To Propose

    The pandemic has confined us to the four walls of our homes, but it can’t stop us from dreaming, right? When this is all over, we can always go back to plan our perfect proposal to our beloved in distant lands. So, why not start planning now? The brighter days are near, and we shouldn’t waste any time as they arrive. 

    Here are four breathtaking destinations that can help make your proposal quite memorable. 

    Central Park, New York City 

    Take her to the Bow Bridge, overlooking the lake, and surprise her by proposing to her. She will be awed for sure!

    On the top of the Shard, London

    It’s a beautiful place to propose! As it’s the tallest building in the UK, you can bring the sky down at her feet by proposing her there! 

    The Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

    It’s popular and breathtakingly beautiful! If your beloved loves the ocean, outdoors, nature… you can propose to her, while she’s staring at the mass stretches of waves to the horizon. She will love it!

    Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

    A city love can bloom from one of the popular architectural wonders in the USA. The vibrancy of the surroundings will give you the much-needed boost to let your heart out. 

    If you can’t wait for things to be restored to normal and we get it, life must go on! This means your proposal plans must continue (with or without COVID)… set up a romantical dinner for your special love. Indoors at your home, or outdoors in a secluded setting (remember, social distancing!)… decorate your space beautifully and set up a romantic atmosphere to propose in.  Your honest love will be enough to get a reassuring 'Yes' from her. Don’t forget to let her know that Northcoast Jewelry created her stunning engagement ring!