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    What Are Some Of The Best Diamond Grading Labs?

    What Are Some Of The Best Diamond Grading Labs?

    The diamond grading labs are independent entities that rate diamonds based on their qualities and features and issue certificates accordingly, which aid in the sale of those diamonds. Each diamond lab has different methods of grading, and thus their rating may also differ from one another. However, some of these labs are considered the best critics of the ‘rocks’ (all pun intended) and their certificates are taken more seriously than others. 

    Let’s shed some light on their names. 

    The Gemological Institute of America

    By far, GIA is the most popular diamond grading laboratory in the world. Surprisingly, it’s a non-profit organization with the most accurate and consistent grading system that almost all diamond merchants and jewelry dealers rely on. Not only that, but they have also altered the world’s basic perception of precious stones with their extensive researches and findings since their inception in 1931. 

    American Gemological Society 

    Mostly regarded at par with the GIA because of their high standards and accuracy of grading, they are better known for their alphabetical grading system. Besides grading diamonds, they also offer extensive educational products to create awareness about the precious stones and enhance the diamond trade at large. Their scientific reports and certifications are valued by most of the merchants, dealers, and manufacturers apart from the regular customers. 

    European Gemological Laboratory

    The popularity of EGL goes beyond the European boundaries for their clarity and concise reporting approach. For diamonds less than 1 carat, the EGL is quite efficient in their grading techniques. However, they can’t be trusted much for the S13 diamonds. 

    International Gemological Institute

    Based in Belgium and preferred more by the Asian countries, the IGI is undoubtedly the second-most popular grading institute in the world. Numerous polished diamonds that are available in the market have been graded by IGI, which also offers courses on diamond grading and certification. 

    Grading systems may differ widely, but the diamonds having consistent grading will be preferred more by customers while investing their money in.