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    How To Propose To Your Beloved During Quarantine

    How To Propose To Your Beloved During Quarantine

    Are you currently frustrated and disappointed over the fact that you were going to propose to your beloved this year but the COVID-19 pandemic ruined your plan? We feel you!

    Guess what? There is no time like present, and you can absolutely propose even now! If you are wondering, keep scrolling and see what great ideas Northcoast Jewelry has in store for you!  

    A picnic full of surprises

    Call your beloved and ask her to meet you at the nearby park for a small picnic. You can also arrange for it on the patio or backyard / rooftop of either of your homes if that’s more convenient. Hide the engagement ring inside creatively somewhere in the picnic basket or do it conventionally – by keeping it at the bottom of the wine glass. And when she drinks from the glass, well, Surprise! May we suggest planning a small social distance style surprise from your fiancé’s friends and family! 

    Set up a canopy in the backyard

    Invite your beloved to your home for dinner and set up a canopy in your backyard with flowers, curtains, and of course, a well-decorated dinner table. She may guess from the decorations that it’s something special, but you can still see the awe on her face when you take out that ring! 

    Zoom your surprise

    Where there is a will, there is a way! If you can’t meet at all, perhaps due to a long distance relationship, you can always propose to her on Zoom through a video call. Gather your family members and propose to her in front of them. Let them cheer and burst balloons and throw sparkles while she says ‘yes’, blushing. 

    Do you have any other ideas for a memorable proposal during the quarantine? Feel free to share!