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    Prong or Bezel: Which Ring Setting Is Better?

    Prong or Bezel: Which Ring Setting Is Better?

    When it comes to engagement rings, you may feel overwhelmed with choices on choosing the perfect setting, besides the styles, types, and designs of the rings. Although there are many different settings to choose from, two of them stand out from the rest, namely the prong setting or bezel setting. You need to consider the subtle differences between the two to make that perfect choice that will stay with you for life. Rest assured, our selection of rings are top notch to choose from so no doubt, you will absolutely love what you receive! 

    Let’s help you in that by highlighting the distinguishable characteristics of both. 

    What are the characteristics of the prong setting?

    The prong is the most common type of diamond ring setting. It presents with 4 or more claw-like metal pins holding the diamond or gemstone in place. The basic prong setting can be classified into two types: the 6-prong setting, and the Tiffany setting, the latter being distinguished from others by the specially-designed and patented prongs they use. 

    Some of the pros of the prong setting have been discussed below:

    • It makes the diamond more noticeable
    • It enables sufficient light to pass through the diamond, thus increasing its shine
    • It’s both easy to clean and maintain
    • Classic & clean appearance if you are aiming for a simple yet classic overall appearance

    A timeless piece of jewelry, perfect for engagement rings, the prong setting is preferred by most couples, who are into classic styles and traditional values. 

    The bezel setting – A modern approach to engagement ring packed with antique and vintage characteristics

    For people with a chic sense of style and unconventional preferences, the bezel ring setting is just the right choice. Instead of holding the rock by claws, the metal covers the entire circumference of the diamond, which is mounted on it to appear just stunning. This setting is suitable for wedding bands and contemporary engagement rings which have accent stones embedded in it besides a brilliant central rock. 

    If you’re still confused over your choice, drop us a line or contact us. We’d love to help you make the right decision!