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    Top 5 Non-Diamond Engagement Ring Ideas

    Top 5 Non-Diamond Engagement Ring Ideas

    You hear engagement rings and immediately think “a big rock!” Well, that doesn’t have to be the case always. An engagement ring can be anything that you can relate your emotions with, and truly whatever your heart desires. There is absolutely no right or wrong! Although the ‘rocks’ have been a staple for engagement rings since time immemorial, let’s present you a few good alternatives:

    • Pearl on gold setting – A pristine white pearl on a yellow or rose-gold setting can serve as an elegant and beautiful alternative to your diamond ring. Coming to the emotional connection, pearls depict purity, generosity, and loyalty, which are the most perfect elements for your relationship. Northcoast Jewelry carries a wide variety of Pearl jewelry that you can explore here. 
    • Moissanite – It’s becoming quite the trend for many millennials and gen Z to opt out of the classic rock diamond and swap it out with a Moissanite. It’s a gemstone that’s similar to diamond in appearance. However, it can get a less than desirable rep being referred to as ‘fake diamond’ as some may say. Interestingly enough, it has the same crystal features of a diamond. It looks beautiful in a gold setting and has a refractive light index of more than diamond. 
    • Sapphire rings – Absolutely dreamy! Everyone is aware of how classic and beautiful they are. But what many people may not know is, the Duchess of Cambridge proudly flaunts Princess Diana’s sapphire ring. The hues, the shades, the cuts, the facets – so much to love about a sapphire! Plus, it kind of makes you royalty almost instantly! We have a great selection of antique and vintage sapphire rings, you can shop for them here.
    • Morganite rings – Its peach-pink hue is breathtaking, especially in a gold setting. You can also wear it every day with very little maintenance, of course. 
    • Quartz rings – One of the most unconventional yet trendy engagement rings is the quartz ring. It’s smoky, mysterious appeal is quite amazing indeed. They are equally unique and stunning when worn. 

    So have you decided which ring to choose for your engagement? You can get in touch with the experts for suggestions.