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    What Are Some Of The Best Diamond Grading Labs?

    What Are Some Of The Best Diamond Grading Labs?

    The diamond grading labs are independent entities that rate diamonds based on their qualities and features and issue certificates accordingly, which aid in the sale of those diamonds. Each diamond lab has different methods of grading, and thus their rating may also differ from one another. However, some of these labs are considered the best critics of the ‘rocks’ (all pun intended) and their certificates are taken more seriously than others. 

    Let’s shed some light on their names. 

    The Gemological Institute of America

    By far, GIA is the most popular diamond grading laboratory in the world. Surprisingly, it’s a non-profit organization with the most accurate and consistent grading system that almost all diamond merchants and jewelry dealers rely on. Not only that, but they have also altered the world’s basic perception of precious stones with their extensive researches and findings since their inception in 1931. 

    American Gemological Society 

    Mostly regarded at par with the GIA because of their high standards and accuracy of grading, they are better known for their alphabetical grading system. Besides grading diamonds, they also offer extensive educational products to create awareness about the precious stones and enhance the diamond trade at large. Their scientific reports and certifications are valued by most of the merchants, dealers, and manufacturers apart from the regular customers. 

    European Gemological Laboratory

    The popularity of EGL goes beyond the European boundaries for their clarity and concise reporting approach. For diamonds less than 1 carat, the EGL is quite efficient in their grading techniques. However, they can’t be trusted much for the S13 diamonds. 

    International Gemological Institute

    Based in Belgium and preferred more by the Asian countries, the IGI is undoubtedly the second-most popular grading institute in the world. Numerous polished diamonds that are available in the market have been graded by IGI, which also offers courses on diamond grading and certification. 

    Grading systems may differ widely, but the diamonds having consistent grading will be preferred more by customers while investing their money in. 

    A Brief History Of Emeralds – What You Need To Know

    A Brief History Of Emeralds – What You Need To Know

    The gorgeous green gemstones have been with us for hundreds and thousands of years, symbolizing life, growth, and fertility. The term ‘emerald’ has originally been derived from a Persian word, which means ‘green gem’, and throughout the years, the name has been changed numerous times from Greek to Latin Smaragdus, Esmaurde, Esmralde, and finally to Emerald in the 16th century. 

    The ancient emerald 

    The green gem is a popular variety of naturally colorless Beryl stone, which also gives rise to other gemstones e.g. morganites. It’s a type III gemstone, which, no matter how beautiful, has flaws most of the time. The Columbian emerald is the most flawless among them and also the costliest one, because of its high quality. 

    Emerald and the blue blood

    The Incas and Aztecs had considered emerald as their own for thousands of years, just like other ancient tribes in Columbia. However, it’s the 16th-century bloodbath that cemented emeralds in the history of South America, as Spanish conquerors looted them extensively from the mines in the region. Since then, royalties from all over have been depending on the Spanish mines to adorn their jewelry and crowns with the green gemstone. Be it the Indian Mughal rulers, The Russian royalties or the Iranian monarchs, this particularly glowing gemstone has occupied the royal treasuries of numerous emperors and Shah for hundreds of years. Even some of the famous ladies in history like Queen Cleopatra and Catherine The Great have been said to be eternal devotees of the beautiful green gem. 

    Emerald cut and synthetic emeralds

    Originally, the emeralds were cut in a popular style, which came to be known as the ‘emerald cut’ later. It optimized the green glow without altering the brilliance of the stone. Synthetic emeralds were created somewhere in 1935, and the first-ever Chatham Emerald is displayed in the Smithsonian Institute. 


    Prong or Bezel: Which Ring Setting Is Better?

    Prong or Bezel: Which Ring Setting Is Better?

    When it comes to engagement rings, you may feel overwhelmed with choices on choosing the perfect setting, besides the styles, types, and designs of the rings. Although there are many different settings to choose from, two of them stand out from the rest, namely the prong setting or bezel setting. You need to consider the subtle differences between the two to make that perfect choice that will stay with you for life. Rest assured, our selection of rings are top notch to choose from so no doubt, you will absolutely love what you receive! 

    Let’s help you in that by highlighting the distinguishable characteristics of both. 

    What are the characteristics of the prong setting?

    The prong is the most common type of diamond ring setting. It presents with 4 or more claw-like metal pins holding the diamond or gemstone in place. The basic prong setting can be classified into two types: the 6-prong setting, and the Tiffany setting, the latter being distinguished from others by the specially-designed and patented prongs they use. 

    Some of the pros of the prong setting have been discussed below:

    • It makes the diamond more noticeable
    • It enables sufficient light to pass through the diamond, thus increasing its shine
    • It’s both easy to clean and maintain
    • Classic & clean appearance if you are aiming for a simple yet classic overall appearance

    A timeless piece of jewelry, perfect for engagement rings, the prong setting is preferred by most couples, who are into classic styles and traditional values. 

    The bezel setting – A modern approach to engagement ring packed with antique and vintage characteristics

    For people with a chic sense of style and unconventional preferences, the bezel ring setting is just the right choice. Instead of holding the rock by claws, the metal covers the entire circumference of the diamond, which is mounted on it to appear just stunning. This setting is suitable for wedding bands and contemporary engagement rings which have accent stones embedded in it besides a brilliant central rock. 

    If you’re still confused over your choice, drop us a line or contact us. We’d love to help you make the right decision! 

    COVID19 Corona Virus affects on jewelry industry blog

    The Effects Of COVID-19 On The Jewelry Industry

    The year started quite well for the diamond industry and the sales were quite robust, according to Alrosa, a leading diamond producer. However, the outbreak of the pandemic has led to a fall in demand in the Chinese market, which accounts for about 15% of the global share. The 11-weeks lockdown in China caused all the jewelry stores to bring down their shutters, which resulted in a reduction in sales.

    Across the globe, social distancing and quarantine measures along with deteriorating economic conditions have led to an overall decrease in the demand for luxury items. In Match, the second-largest producer of diamonds, De Beers, reported a 28% reduction in sales to $355m from $496m in 2019. With 12 sales cycles per year, this notable decrease was due to the COVID-19 outbreak, as the first sales cycle stood at $551 at the beginning of 2020.

    There is also a decline in the production of the diamond, as mining has been disbanded as a non-essential service in South Africa, as the country entered a lockdown phase on 26th March 2020. Other mines across the world in India, Lesotho, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and parts of Canada are also under restrictions following the lockdown.

    However, as there’s no lockdown in Russia, Alrosa is relatively in a better place, but the company is following restrictions to avoid the spread of the infection while running their operations. De Beers is also not much impacted, as compared to the other companies. Most of its mining activities are centered in Botswana, where it has not been restricted or suspended despite the lockdown.

    Coming to gold and other metal jewelry, gold is currently on an upward trajectory, after suffering an initial hit, but nothing much hopeful can be said about silver right now.

    With most of the world under lockdown, we can all but pray for things to get better and normal conditions to restore.

    Celebrities Who Popularized 1920s Art Deco Jewelry Yet Again

    Celebrities Who Popularized 1920s Art Deco Jewelry Yet Again

    Celebrities Who Popularized 1920's Art Deco Jewelry Yet Again

    The Art Deco era of the 1920s and 30s has been inspiring jewelry designs even to this day. Whenever anyone refers to a vintage piece, they mostly mean the Art Deco designs that took the market by storm in those days. The key characteristic of Art Deco jewelry, especially rings, lie in their symmetrical shapes, geometric patterns, curves, and colors. The use of motifs also makes these pieces stand out among others. 

    Recently many celebrities have flaunted Art Deco designs in their engagement and wedding rings, thus bringing the spotlight over vintage jewelry once again. Seeing Hollywood’s big names flaunting the style and creating a statement of their own has made vintage jewelry popular once again. 

    Let’s find out who all fell in that category. 

    Scarlett Johansson

    The beautiful ‘Avenger’ flaunts an exquisite piece of Art Deco ring as her engagement bond, inspiring millions to women to imitate her style. The 11-carat ring is estimated at $450,000, which both suits her charm and stature in the society. 

    Mary-Kate Olsen

    Mary-Kate Olsen’s engagement ring invariably brings out her love for vintage designs. It has a 4-carat European-cut rock at the center, and 16 blue, uniquely-cut sapphires around it. It also has single-cut white diamonds of 1.5 carats, alternated with golden petals, giving the ring its unique form. One of the most sought-after designs, it's truly an Art Deco masterpiece that has been recreated to meet her preferences. 

    Jessica Biel

    A stunning design with Art Deco-inspired touches, Jessica Biel’s engagement ring is no less than royalty. With an estimated worth of $130,000, her beau, Justin Timberlake is said to have helped co-design it according to her personality. 


    Some other celebrities, who have promoted the designs of the Art Deco era by flaunting the same on their fingers, are Pippa Middleton and Nicole Richie. If you wish to get a vintage ring for your beloved, make sure you get in touch with our team at North Coast Jewelry. We take pride in sourcing the most unique and true-to-era estate rings. Visit out Instagram page @northcoastjewelry for inspiration and design ideas!